Here at Pink Cat we want to give you the very best price possible every time you make a purchase. To achieve this, we have two discount programs for you.

The first is our VIP club, which rewards regular customers by offering discounts based on the total amount you have ever ordered from us. Each time you order, the amount adds to your total and builds to bigger discounts over time, the more you buy from us over time, the more you save!

The second discount offer is a bulk discount program that focuses on individual order value. As the table below shows, large single orders over £199 in value receive a bulk discount that begins at 5% on the total order, and the discount increases with the order value, up to a maximum discount of 18% for individual orders over £999 in value.

We will always provide the best value for any order you make, so if you are a member of the VIP club, and your current discount rate is less than the bulk discount on your order, or vice versa, we automatically provide the largest discount to ensure you get the best value every time.