We work hard to find the widest selection of quality charms and other products for you, however with so many manufacturers all over the world, we don’t catch everything. That is why we have introduced our new product search feature, so that you can help us stock the items you want.

We know you love our VIP club and other discount options because they give you great prices on the things you want. But what if there is that one special piece you have to buy elsewhere? You may be missing out on a bulk discount rate or that next level of VIP discount. This is the solution.

You can fill out our new product search form with as much detail as possible about the item you like, a picture can really help if possible, its easy to upload. Just click the link to the form and follow the instructions to get started. Remember, the more details about the item the better. You can upload any images easily too, just click on the upload button and browse to the right image.

We deal with a huge number of suppliers, and will speak to them all to try and source the charm for you, so that you can enjoy the product you want at the best price possible.